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200/300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training at Village Yoga in Pemberton, BC

In honor of Rachel Millsip

200/300 Hour Yoga Alliance registered training 

with Rebekka Walker, Raelene Hodgson & Friends

Hear the call to share your love of yoga and wellbeing? Want to learn to empower those around you through the teachings of yoga? Seeking to deepen your understanding and knowledge of the practice? Looking to refine your teaching skills? Join us for an immersive journey into the rich tradition of Yoga, exploring the diverse facets of the practice in an inspiring & meaningful way. This unique training offers a program that connects both yoga students and yoga teachers with their capacity to skillfully lead classes from a well informed and authentic place, while expanding their horizons and understanding of Yogic teachings rooted in a non-dual yogic philosophy. Empowering participants to live more fully from their innermost nature,  while offering deeper access to one's own inherent wisdom and voice; this program is open to both students wanting to become teachers at the 200 hour level, and to qualified teachers seeking to refine their skill set and upgrade with a 300 hour advanced. Spread out over 6 months, with three in person intensive modules, and online asynchronous/synchronous courses between modules, this hybrid program offers the time and space to digest material, while still engaging in a deep dive together.

The Curriculum Highlights:  

Establishing your seat as a teacher, in and through the practice
The history of classical yoga & Tantra

Decolonizing yoga & your worldview

Traditional wisdom shared by elders & teachers from our Lil'wat community & beyond

Working with Trauma

Creating intention in the classroom of life

Moon Wisdom

Mudra, Mantra & Myth

Focus on form, foundation, precision in cueing, and biomechanics of asana. 

The architecture of the subtle body

Understanding the nervous system & Polyvagal Theory

In depth study of yogic texts: The Bhagavad Gita, The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali and 

The Pratjabhijna Hrdyam

Soul vs spirit: ceremony to support fearless living

Teachings of Tantra

Adapting your sadhana, sustainable self care

The Business of Yoga

Anatomy and Therapeutics with Martin Kirk

Therapeutic applications of optimal alignment

Schedule for 200 Hour:

Module 1: November 4th-10th 2023 in person at Village Yoga Pemberton

Module 2: Online Anatomy & Therapeutics 

Module 3: February 3rd-9th 2024 in person at Village Yoga Pemberton

Module 4: Online Philosophy 

Module 5: May 4th-10th, 2024 in person at Village Yoga Pemberton

Schedule for 300 Hour:

Module 1: November 4th-12th 2023 in person at Village Yoga Pemberton

Module 2: Online Anatomy & Therapeutics 

Module 3: February 3rd-11th, 2024 in person at Village Yoga Pemberton

Module 4: Online Philosophy

Module 5: May 4th-12th 2024 in person at Village Yoga Pemberton

Payment Options:

PRE PAID TUITION 200 HOUR $2995 + GST offer ends August 31st. $3500 + GST afterwards.

PRE PAID TUITION 300 HOUR $3995 + GST offer ends August 31st. $4500 + GST afterwards

PAYMENT PLAN: We're pleased to offer a flexible payment agreement of four equal payments of full tuition. The first payment is due upon registration, 2nd payment due November 4th, 3rd Payment due: Feb 4th, 4th Payment due April 4th, Please note that the payment plan is only available for the full tuition, and is not applicable to the early bird or pre paid rate. 

SCHOLARSHIPS AVAILABLE: in service of creating equitable and safe spaces for BIPOC and low income students

ACCOMMODATIONS: options are available for 6-8 out of town students at an additional rate

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