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Summer Yoga Teacher Training Testimonials

I would highly recommend this program. Rebekka extended energy generously and held space in a determined and kind way. She facilitated wonderful discussions where we could feel vulnerable and safe and inspired. Her knowledge is incredibly deep and I have nothing but trust in her abilities and understandings of the training process. I would recommend staying in residence if you are able to. Living there for the training allowed me to focus and to connect with my fellow students. I thought the 3 weeks spaced out was a great way to learn. It gave me time to absorb and implement what I was learning. I could not imagine a better timeline for this training. Prior to enrolling, I had some hesitations around whether I was "ready" for this training. It was a big financial investment for me, and I think I felt at first like I would need to be some sort of perfect yogi in order to justify embarking on this journey. What was so evident among our group this summer was that we each came to this training at the perfect time for us individually. The training very much met us where we were each at, in our physical practice, but even more so in our energetic and emotional and spiritual lives. I feel a much stronger connection to my personal practice, and an understanding of how I bring various parts of myself to yoga. The training filled me with a lot of confidence - in my teaching abilities, of course, but also through the time spent with our group of amazing women. One of my biggest take aways has been a sense of trust in myself, in the universe, and in the idea that all I have practiced in yoga is always there for me to return to. This has helped my to avoid that negative self-talk when my practice feels off or isn't happening regularly. 

Erin Cassidy

Graduate 2018

Victoria, BC

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Rebekka is a learned, skilled, authentic adept yogi,  whose breadth & depth of knowledge & years of immersive experience culminate in a masterful teacher.  In her trainings, she shares her thorough & deep understanding of Yoga, in all of it's limbs; generously, eloquently and freely.  She's a poet & a wordsmith, with an understanding of the etymology of Sanskrit & English that make her a pleasure to learn from. She's organized, clear & confident. I trust her implicitly.  To study under Rebekka is an honour & privilege. I highly recommend her 200 Hour YTT.

Kara Sorensen

Graduate 2018

Registered Massage Therapist

 Director Retreats In Being

I would highly recommend this program. It is intensive in its structure and layout, thus creating a perfect space for focus and learning. It is demanding on a spiritually personal level which I think should be a requirement of all yoga teachers. The required and suggested reading list resonates deeply and Rebekka's delivery of knowledge brings to me a connection and understanding of the energetic lineage. Physically, the program meets and moves the practitioner. I have become aware of how beautiful my "vehicle" (body) is and gained entrance to the world of gentle courageous embodiment. I quit a pack a day and 40 years of nicotine, through my new found reverence for what I breathe in (Prana). Every day unfolds new discoveries of my way and my purpose. I know for sure that I belong to, with and as, Yoga. The Path though, is still unfolding...I am so grateful for the opportunities and space that Rebekka creates and provides. The down to earth yet pie in the sky magic that is so palpable in her teachings are just wonder-full and I feel immensely empowered in myself by choosing this particular training.... 

Tone Batt

Graduate 2016

Director of Resident Services at Inglewood Care Centre, Canada

"I got a lot out of this program, and I am deeply grateful. I am more convicted in things that matter to me, and making choices that are truthful to myself....Rebekka has a very comprehensive knowledge base in what she teaches.. Being a human potential enthusiast, I really love the teaching and philosophy because the core message is to tap into your full potential and to embrace both your humanity and spirituality... I would highly recommend this program, as Rebekka is one of the best teachers out there..."

Serena Tang

Graduate 2017

Meditation Teacher & Healer, China

This program is for anyone who is passionate about yoga, or life; someone looking to become a teacher or just like me​,​ for self development. It was one of the most amazing things i have experienced in my​ Life!​  ​T​he program i​s really taking everyone on​ a journey through​ yoga, life, ​the ​universe, ​and ​the inner you. It helped me to have a much clearer​ vision of the way i want to live my life. It has been well designed and ​is ​extremely informative for whoever wants to take the teaching journey; meanwhile, ​there is ​no pressure if you just want to dive in deep into yoga and understand more about it. Besides all that, the most valuable thing from the experience is you will make a bunch of amazing lifelong friends who also have the same mindsets! :) i have come to the realization that yoga is not only a physical practice, but much more about the way you live your life. I truly believe in human potential, believe that everything is all possible, as long as we put in the time and work, most importantly trust the process! ​I​ have noticed that I​'ve ​beco​me more conscious and aware about everything, i can easily spot when things are going a different direction and what needs to be done to make it right. SERIOUSLY, everyone should join this ​program.... Thank you Rebekka for taking me on this most influential life journey, i truly grateful for you!! You are an AMAZING teacher!!​

Woody Yang,

Graduate 2017

CIBC Financial Advisor

Vancouver, BC

I would recommend this program to yogis looking for a TT that is more than just asana. I felt it was a safe environment (physically and emotionally) to try new things and push my own boundaries. I appreciated the storytelling and theme building, how these were woven throughout the training and how the students were encouraged to start thinking (and teaching) like this as well. I also really enjoyed the philosophy discussions - they really helped me delve into the readings in an interactive way. I think about yoga all the time now :) I see themes and connections to my practice in everything. And I meditate a heck of a lot more. Lastly, having carefully selected guest teachers was a great treat. They really added to the course content. I'm so glad I didn't listen to my fear of not being ready. Yoga meets you where you are and I found that to be true in this TT. I'm glad to be using my new found skills already, teaching beginners in my small community and I'm looking forward to more training with Rebekka in the future!

Kaitlin Wilson,

Graduate 2017

The Yukon

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