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Yoga for Conscious Birth Classes

Saturdays in Pemberton

Yoga for Conscious Birth differs from just a prenatal yoga class.....As an established doula and birth educator, I incorporate active birth movements, as well as relaxation practices that are proven to work in pregnancy, as well as in the process of delivery. Each session is different and designed that you can join one or all! 

The basic movements practiced during each session are designed to strengthen and release, improving physical stamina while developing tools to encourage the baby into a better position for birth; increasing the chances of a natural delivery. With conscious attention given to  pelvic bowl muscles and releasing lower back tension, these workshops are open to pregnant people in all trimesters. 

Complimentary breathing, relaxation and visualization techniques will facilitate release and ease in birth, encouraging the meditative presence of mind required to create a calm birthing experience. As a result  a more intimate and conscious connection with baby, both before and after birth, begins to develop. 

There are 2 Offerings of the 2 hour workshop this fall:

10:30-12:30 Saturday October 24th &

10:30-12:30 Saturday November 7th

with the 4 class series running Sat, Nov 21 -Dec 12 from 10:30-11:30am.

Each session is different and designed that you can join one or all!

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