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The Easeful Mind:

Meditative Rituals for Living Well

March 14th & 15th, 2020

"Why meditate? Sometimes I wonder why we need to ask this question. Nobody who admires a talented artist, or pianist and would like to become one would say, “Why should I train? Why don’t I just go on stage and play Mozart?” However, when it comes to the basic human qualities that we might admire and hope to acquire—altruism, inner strength, inner freedom to deal with whatever comes our way, emotional balance, not being swayed by hatred and craving and jealousy— we think that they come up just because we want them to, without any training. Or we think that they are fixed, permanent, and that we can’t change them. It is absurd to think that we do not need training to nourish these kinds of positive qualities...." Matthieu Ricard

We all hold the potential for an easeful mind. We can all tap into our capacities to be more kind, to heal, to be present: to experience wellness in body, mind and heart. Yet we only use a small fraction of the potential we have. That’s what meditation is about: to nurture and cultivate the qualities we hold within that lay dormant. To develop these skills to the best of our own potential, so that we can ease the mind and live well.

This weekend is open to everyone: whether you are seeking to learn to meditate or are a yoga teacher looking to stabilize your own meditation practice and learn supportive techniques to pass along.


  • The history and practice of meditation

  • Sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system: enacting the relaxation response

  • The basics of Neuroplasticity: how meditation changes your brain

  • Brain wave cycles: how to stabilize your mind frame

  • How, when and where to practice meditation

  • The effects meditation on mind and body

  • In depth practice of various meditative techniques from around the world

  • Meditative Ritual for everyday life (otherwise known as mindfulness)

  • Breathwork to support and amplify your meditation 

  • Mantra & Mudra to support and amplify your meditation

  • A 6 week home practice outline

  • A supportive online community to ask questions in a private Facebook group

  • 2 live online group follow up sessions with Rebekka at week 3 & 6


Saturday March 14th 9:00-6:00pm

Sunday March 15th 9:00-6:00pm

LOCATION: Vancouver School of Healing Arts


TUITION: $300 (tuition does not include required text)