"I laugh when I think how I once sought paradise as a realm outside of the world of birth. It is right in the world of birth and death that the miraculous truth is revealed. But this is not the laughter of someone who suddenly acquires a great fortune; neither is it the laughter of one who has won a victory. It is, rather, the laughter of one who; after having painfully searched for something for a long time, finds it one morning in the pocket of his coat..."

~ Thich Nhat Hanh


An exploration of self

June 18th, 2016

Part of our human condition is that we aren't always aware of the underlying blockages we carry, and these constrictions can inhibit our capacity for joy, vitality and wellbeing. If you feel stuck in a rut, are working to reclaim wellbeing, or are moving through your life entangled in trauma, depression and anxiety, this one day intensive is for you! 

Join Shahar Rabi, Ph.D., RCC, and Rebekka Walker, for a heartfelt exploration of our relationship to Self, and the joyful bliss of consciousness. Peering through the view points of psychology, mindfulness, yogic practices, and archetypal symbology, we will ask questions like, 

What do you have to say yes to, to experience joy?
What do you have to let go of?
What awakens the joy within?
What diminishes it?

During each explorative session we'll combine yoga, meditation, breathwork, dialogue, journalling and group work designed to cast light into shadow and awaken the joy with in.


Spaces are limited!